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Outsourcing: Key Legal Issues and Contractual Security

Outsourcing: Key Legal Issues and Contractual Security Efficiency in current processes and cost arbitrage is the new mantra in corporate worlds. And the nearest shop I could relate on the said term is Outsourcing sectors. Companies ensure the best driven forces are in place to imbibe the newest culture and keen to keep their businesses […]

Benefits of having Tier 2 Vendor

In IT, a tier 2 vendor is a smaller or less well known provider compared to tier 1 provider. There are attributes such as target market, company size, revenue, profitability and market presence of the provider’s company which distinguishes a tier 2 vendor from a tier 1 vendor. Following are the benefits of having a […]

How to work with a Partner to Deliver a Successful Project

With the public sector asking for more from their outsourcers, providers are having to find new ways of working together to bid for projects. Here are some top tips on working effectively with your partner once you’ve won a contract 1. Use the transition to reboot your relationship at a senior level Shifting from “bid […]

Evolution of Outsourcing and Captive

Outsourcing Outsourcing has been around for a long time now since the early seventies. Many companies back then realized of outsourcing most if their functions which were not their business needs. Payroll was one of the first functions being outsourced. One of the major company British Petroleum (BP) known to be a BPO giant started […]

Outsourcing Application Support and Maintenance

In today’s environment, businesses are highly dependent on IT systems for their day to day operations. As business evolves, applications need to evolve too to suit new business requirements. Application Support and Maintenance takes up large proportion of IT spend. According to Pareto Analysis (80:20 Rule), about 80% of typical IT costs are utilized for […]

New Pricing Models for IT Outsourcing

Several new pricing models have evolved over the time since Enterprises that have gone the outsourcing way, now expect more value from their IT service providers and IT service vendors want potentially higher-margin of work. In a typical and conventional IT outsourcing deal, a vendor provides a service —managing servers, developing applications, monitoring networks —and […]

How to Maintain Client Relationship

The central part of working life is maintaining and building client relationships. It is very necessary to treat our clients with mutual trust and respect irrespective of how they treat us. There is a saying which goes perfectly with this “First Impression is the Last Impression”. You need to keep this in mind whenever we […]

Making Quality a Habit

Quality comes when u develop it as a habit. Every organization these days tries to find ways in which to grow their business. These organizations have a common theme in place which makes them profitable and noteworthy in the market. This can be done can having proper business processes in place, aligning your scope and […]