Multi-Vendor Outsourcing – Challenges

Most companies these days are adopting multi-vendor approach in outsourcing. Organizations are now looking up to lower their risks in outsourcing deals by not putting “all their eggs in one basket”. A multi vendor outsourcing approach for outsourcing services also enhances the quality of services. However, having multiple suppliers also brings multiple risks to the […]

SLA and Service Credits

Service Level Agreement is one of the great ideas in outsourcing or a managed service engagement. In a service level agreement (SLA), a provider agrees to achieve defined performance levels and if it fails to achieve those performance levels then the provider has to reduce the cost. An effective SLA balances the unfortunate incentive for a […]

Outsource Customer Service Solutions

Initially outsourcing was conceived as a way of reducing costs through labor arbitrage offered by low cost economies such as India. But how difficult is it to choose a right vendor to meet the needs for your customer satisfaction? It’s always better to approach it in a systematic way – (1) identify the current areas […]

Important questions before formulating a Sourcing Strategy

Before taking a starting step towards a sourcing strategy, every company should decide and establish whether they are mentally, commercially and managerially prepared to do what is necessary to succeed. Clients who miss out on time to think about what lies ahead of them normally have to bear the losses out of it and its […]

Resource Management – Getting Right Talent at Right Place!

Every organization has a unique requirement of skills and talent which suit their business processes, plan and culture. And with the growing trend of outsourcing, work has become project based, talent is now geographically dispersed; resources work from different locations and time zones. Managing these resources can be a pain as well as critical at […]

Retail Outlook – 2013

Know your customers to know your business! That’s Easier said than done. But one thing is certain in today’s dynamically changing Retail industry that the traditional monolith business models and segments can no longer be taken for granted. Technology has empowered the customers and opened up the retails industry beyond any time, place or manner […]

Emerging IT trends for 2014

A strategic technology may be an existing technology that has matured and become suitable for a wider range of uses and thus benefit the business. It may also be an emerging IT trend that offers an opportunity for strategic business advantage for early business adopters or with potential for significant market disruption in the next […]

Outsourcing Content Services

Outsourcing is driven by the content you share with your existing clients or future prospects to get more business. In an industry where the leaders are creating a content driven market space through the likes of blogs, online posts or maybe interviews. Even they are tampered sometimes so that they put their desired message across […]

How to manage small Outsourcing Projects

Outsourcing and Project management go hand-in-hand, however project management often involves a lot of paperwork and operating cost and as a reason many people try to avoid it for small outsourced projects. It’s mostly assumed that small outsourced project doesn’t demand the same management procedures that a large outsourced project does. And in some sense, […]

ITO vs. Customer

The age old norm – outsourcing refers to reducing costs continues. But if initially outsourcing is costing more than doing the job in-house then it would not worth the effort. There are scenarios where the outsourcing engagement sometimes ends up costing more than what it was initially worth resulting in contract cancellation. So the question […]