Retail Mobility

In today’s fact paced world, the use of mobile technology has grown tremendously which plays a crucial role in an organization’s business strategy and also in an individual’s life. This use of technology has been very well incorporated in the retail industry. Consumers these days always demand everything on the go – like texting, surfing […]

Invoice Reconciliation – pay for what you get!

An order is placed, invoice comes in and payment is made – as simple as that! However, this simple looking transaction isn’t always so easy. One of the main stresses a financial team faces comes from reconciling supplier invoices with purchase orders, SOWs, timesheet reports, etc. There are several reasons why this process can become […]

Key Areas to Drive Outsourcing Efficiently

Outsourcing is where a company outsources services to a third party other than the one in which the client company is based, primarily to take advantage of lower labor costs and resources and get better output at cheaper value. The business case for outsourcing varies by situation and company needs, but reasons for outsourcing often […]

Aligning SLAs to Outsourcing Contracts

The intent of a service level agreement (SLA) is to measure the provider’s overall performance by virtue of brief, definite metrics with targeted levels of performance that are easily understandable by the client community and are simple to validate from a client’s perspective. As the outsourcing industry has matured, providers have developed a large amount […]

Importance of Requirements in Sourcing

Requirements Gathering is one of the most essential part of any project and project management. Clearly understanding what is required by a project to deliver is critical to its success. This may seem to be obvious and trivial, but is often most ignored area in any IT project. It is also one of the most […]

Multi-Vendor Outsourcing

Multi-Vendor Outsourcing Basics Segregating IT portfolio and distributing its working and management among multiple vendors is a norm today. This approach has various advantages like: Cost effectiveness as vendors offer competitive pricing Reduces dependency on single vendor and also encourages the vendor to perform better due to competition Increases flexibility offered by vendors Outsourcer gains […]

Keys for Successful IT Outsourcing

With technology fully integrated into the business now days, IT outsourcing is no longer the CIO’s challenge alone. He or she may get the boot for making a bad situation worse, but everyone in the company suffers when the outsourcing relationship goes wrong. That’s why CFOs need to become more involved, earlier on. Unfortunately, when […]

Time and Material

Time and material is a project billing type whereby the customer is charged for all of the hours of work performed by the resource on the project or task, any direct expenses incurred by the resource, and material or software purchased for the project by the resource or team during project delivery. For example, if […]

Vendor Management / Leadership Skills

Vendor management usually requires an effective and a skillful workforce to manage a vendor/s. There are many aspects which go in vendor management like leadership, skilled labor, and experienced project managers to see through the entire stage of the engagement. Most of the project managers are well aware of the subject matter and are highly […]

Invoice Processing and Validation

An enterprise knows that the invoices it receives are from the right supplier, at the right price, and within budget. The accounts payable should pay more attention to an important aspect of invoice processing and compliance so that invoice are generated with correct numbers and routed to correct people. Validating invoice data before posting to […]