Rationalize your vendors, today!

Very often it so happens that organizations find themselves with a large number of vendors or service providers to support their IT requirements. Out of these providers, very few are strategic to business as for most of the part, many perform conventional, commodity type services which the organizations outsource rather than using their internal resources. […]

Reasons for Outsourcing fiasco’s

Outsourcing has been here since ages – right from agriculture, manufacturing, accounting and almost in all the fields these days. But the over the years the process has become more and more complex. Outsourcing these days has become more critical which include outsourcing high-end tasks such as infrastructure implementation, product – design and development, outsourcing […]

The Dos and Don’ts of RFI (Request for Information)

There is a popular cliché that says “the first impression is the last impression”, more appropriately so for RFIs. When an organization is looking to outsource but not sure what to put in the RFP, they often request for an RFI. An RFI provides you with an opportunity to make suggestions regarding what they should […]

Strategies for Successful Outsourcing

Outsourcing strategy is a plan derived from assessing IT functions that are better performed by an IT outsourcing service provider than by an organization’s internal IT department. The goal of an IT outsourcing strategy for most of the organization is to provide the best possible technology to the organization at the lowest possible cost. The best […]

Acquisition – Contract Management

Midsize IT companies are the usual suspects who fall to acquisitions and mergers. These are the easy fallen prey to the industry financial crisis and they do not have the necessary funds to back them in such crisis. Despite these hiccups, midsize companies are growing rapidly since they are flexible and adapt according to the […]

Steps to Better Migration in IT Outsourcing

There are about a major migration businesses expect to make over the next five years from in-house IT to IT outsourcing. Cost savings does play an important role in this outsourcing migration but it’s not the only factor for organizations to move the day-to-day management and delivery of their technology operations to a service provider. The […]

Just-in-time workers

The world we live in is an on-demand world; if the companies do not keep up with the speeding trends, they are left behind. The demands of the market are dynamic and keep fluctuating with each passing moment. To adapt to this lifestyle, companies need quick decision making capability and agility. To meet these new […]

Time when good Outsourcing contracts ends

One of the major concerns about outsourcing is that there may be “no way back” – but it can be done, in fact, decisions to continue a contract can be reversed early, however the right to do so can come at a high price. Q: So what can be done to avoid high losses? RS: […]

RFS Replacing RFP?

Looking for alteration in your outsourcing engagements? – You might want to dump the conventional, decades-old request-for-proposal (RFP) process which was used to go through bidding process.”RFPs by their very nature are prescriptive in their requirements and prescription is almost antithetical to innovation,” Tom Young, partner with outsourcing consultancy ISG says. The long established RFP […]

How Transition Affects Overall Outsourcing Relationship

Successful transition is probably the most challenging phase in an outsourcing relationship. Before transition is initiated both vendor / client are planning, estimating and assuming. However, once transition kicks in and actual work starts, both parties begin to realize gaps in their plans, estimations and assumptions. Few important aspects to watch out for during transition […]