Vendor / Contract Management

Contract Management is a process of maintaining contracts with customers, vendors, partners or employees. This process involves the negotiation of the terms and conditions and ensuring its compliance. It can be summarized as the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis. This in turn helps or results in maximizing financial and […]

Factors that Impact Outsourced Applications Contract

The rise of global sourcing has significantly impacted Application Outsourcing (AO) in recent years. Buyers of AO services need to obtain a global view of the sourcing economy and understand its overarching influences. Top factors that have been outlined in this article i.e. economic forces, labor market factors, scope variables, and rate analysis, provide a […]

Risk Areas in Outsourcing

Key Risk Areas of Outsourcing Outsourcing can be defined as giving contracts out of a business process to a third-party. Outsourcing sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another. Outsourcing can be either foreign or domestic and sometimes includes offshoring or relocating the businessto some other country.Outsourcing can turn out be an effective cost-saving strategy if used […]

What is SaaS (Software as a Service)?

Right from 1980s, when the first windows came into existence, whenever we talk about “Software”, we associate it to the software package that comes with an installation CD or can be downloaded from a website. The executable installer installs the software locally on your machine and once installed, can be launched using a “Shortcut” created […]

What is PaaS (Platform as a Service)?

“Cloud Computing” has radically changed how business applications are developed and run. Delivering a new application is now as swift as driving a car. Platform as a service is a established model for running application without the hassle of managing the hardware and software infrastructure at your organization. Organizations  of all volume have accepted PaaS […]

Pros and Cons of Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore

When any company decides to outsource, one of the important decisions they need to make is where they wish to outsource. Some of the points to keep in mind while making this decision are: Cost Saving Cultural Difference Language Barriers Skill / Domain Expertise Manageability Onshore: In this, company outsources its operations in same country […]

5 Most Common Goof-ups in RFP Development

If you decide to outsource, it usually leads to creation of a Request For Proposal, or RFP. Creating an Outsourcing RFP is not same as RFPs for goods and services which are produced by procurement or purchase department. A poorly designed RFP leads to poorly developed provider solutions. Competition brings out the best. RFP is […]

Readiness check list for Outsourcing

Readiness check list for Outsourcing Outsourcers love to promote the many benefits of outsourcing – the labor savings, the reductions in fixed costs, and the flexibility to scale quickly or redeploy capital for high-growth opportunities. What they fail to point out is that if your organization isn’t ready for outsourcing operationally, organizationally and financially, none […]

Ways to manage your Contracts

Contract management is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. A contract needs to be managed in order to negotiate the terms and conditions in the contracts and ensuring that those terms and conditions are being complied with. Thus the contracts are documented and agreed on by the people involved in it and any […]

Top 5 catches when negotiating an outsourcing contract

While reducing cost is typically the primary benefit and objective of outsourcing, but an ideal outsourcing contract should also allow to realize the immediate and long-term delivery need, provide contract flexibility and ensure that the outsourcer receives maximum value for money that it will be spending. Negotiating a good outsourcing contract involves much more than […]