Early Contract Renewal

Renegotiating / Renewal of contracts are considered as a win-win scenario for both client and vendor. Considering today’s outsourcing environment, it is not a choice but a necessity. In long term (three years or more) relationships client’s business and technology needs keeps changing. Therefore it is advisable that both sides are flexible enough to modify […]

VMO because –

One size doesn’t fit all Each company has their unique needs which may be different from that of other companies. This is the reason no two vendors are similar and therefore sometimes making an attempt to force a relationship with a vendor which contrasts one’s company culture, volume can be like trying to fit a […]

Cloud computing to take over IT

Cloud computing is the new age technology that has emerged. This technology is not only user-friendly but also big time savior  The biggest advantage of this is the availability and access of one’s data anywhere and anytime. This technology is on a wide use especially by the corporate world. According to an analysis statistics say the […]

What is Near Shore

What is Near Shore?  There are many companies who go for outsourcing to meet their operational needs by outsourcing their contact center operations to onshore, offshore, or near shore locations. The decision on which type of outsourcing to choose is based on cost comparisons, proximity to their business location, and language or cultural considerations. It […]

Secrets of long term Sourcing Relationships

Many clients get surprised by the amount of internal organizational change management, transition planning and execution needed to make the sourcing relationship productive from the start, as well as sustainable in the future. It takes a combination of active and focused preparation to achieve a successful initial transition and a viable relationship that achieves planned […]

Top vendor Management Problems causing value leakage

Over time it is not uncommon for organizations to find themselves with a large number of service providers supporting their global IT requirements. Some of these providers are no doubts strategic to the business but for the most part, many perform routine, commodity type services that the enterprise has chosen to contract for rather than […]

The 'Do' List for a Successful Outsourcing Deal

The ‘Do’ List for a  Successful Outsourcing Deal Under pressure companies are looking for new targets to reduce costs, everything from legal and HR services to business processes and R&D are headed the way of the contact center-overseas. The famous saying that “Aiming after the shot usually means missing the goal altogether” holds true for […]

Mitigating Risks in Outsourcing

The high level paybacks of outsourcing IT services are often well-known within the IT industry. Even so, many clients do not fully understand “why” and “how” an outsourcing agreement can provide these potential benefits. Those who do understand the benefits may not understand the risks that must be managed in order to realize those benefits. […]

Cloud Security

Customers who implement cloud solutions are concerned about the security of their data on the cloud. The top major providers where customers upload the data are Facebook, Youtube, Google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, etc. The concern is not only about who can access their private data, the concern is also if these service providers sell […]


A number of companies are turning to a new method to meet call center challenges – getting workers to handle calls from their homes. “Homeshoring” or “Homesourcing” in certain situations can boost productivity while cutting costs. This practice also can avoid a potential pitfall of sending such work overseas. Companies are turning to homeshoring in […]