Outsourcing in Uncertain times

Economies of the west are facing a high level of uncertainty. Rising unemployment in the United States, the biggest market for Indian IT vendors, has led the US government to impose sanctions on outsourcing. Also, the businesses are looking for measures to stay afloat in such uncertain economic conditions, cost cutting being the most sought […]

Negotiating an Outsourcing Contract

Negotiating an outsourcing contract involves much more than just achieving the pricing you desire.  As you go through the process, you will go through the normal “give and take” discussions as you work with your potential provider(s). However, it is important that you do not focus solely on pricing. While reducing cost is typically the […]

Why Outsourcing Fails

One of the critical issues that keep onchasingbuyers and providers of outsourcing is how to ease the risk of failure. Outsourcing is much more complex today—an increasing number of companies are uncovering three key reasons to outsource: The skills or projects that are outsourced cannot be executed in-house for a many reasons, including cost, the […]

Outsourcing Myths!!

  Myth 1: IT Outsourcing impedes productivity There is a crucial opinion that when a consumer choose for IT Outsourcing, the overall efficiency of the matter might go down just because of various restrictions in terms of culture, length, communication and time that exist. Reality 1: Productivity is enhanced when IT Outsourcing is opted for […]

5 important aspects to outsourcing

Outsourcing is the most common approach used by companies to handle their business. But this approach also has its side-effects when it comes to the trust factor with the vendor. You have to be very careful when u decide to approach a vendor for an outsourcing contract. Here are a few aspects which 1 should […]

Who are the top outsourcing advisories?

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) recently published the results of its research identifying the world’s best outsourcing firms. One part of this focuses on outsourcing advisors. The numbers of CIOs that outsource without taking independent advice must be pretty much zero. The outsourcing industry transforms every few years in reaction to new technologies, […]

Consider moving outsourcing onshore for increased security

Outsourcing IT and business services save substantial amounts of money, but the savings for many firms businesses carries a hidden cost. Too many firms fail to recognise the increased security risks that come with outsourcing, and this extra risk is therefore left unmanaged. One very effective way to reduce the risk is to keep outsourcing […]

Outsourcing Destinations

  The global economy is going through severe instability from the past few decades. In addition, due to the global economic crisis, many under pressure companies are forced to consider low-cost alternatives to survive. Globalization, high competition, and a challenging economic environment are forcing companies to re-examine their business models and strategy to improve performance. […]

To or Not to – Benchmark

Benchmark is the one of the important aspects in driving the outsourcing contracts. To be competitive in the market, companies’ usual follow through the benchmarking processes & act accordingly to its findings. Due to the fast evolving technology, visibility in the pricing & also the growing market which gives buyers more options to choose from […]