Outsourcing Content Services

Outsourcing is driven by the content you share with your existing clients or future prospects to get more business. In an industry where the leaders are creating a content driven market space through the likes of blogs, online posts or maybe interviews. Even they are tampered sometimes so that they put their desired message across the masses. So who’s is behind all these quality content that you view out there? Behind all these amazing posts there has to be secret ghostwriter. Research shows that companies are outsourcing their content management creation to a third party provider. Outsourcing as a profession goes way back before the internet. Small companies have their own subject matter experts who help in creating their content marketing services whereas large companies have the money and resources to get it done by a third party. These days where you see every other day a biography or fictional series being published which is not actually penned by the person credited on the cover. There is much more time and effort which goes into publishing a novel or a blog post or a whitepaper.

Many companies are hiring a third party provider to create content for their business which can get converted into leads and prospect clients. Quality content creations take a lot of effort and time and even the best writers require a clear vision to fulfill it. To achieve this best practice, there are some key elements which can come in handy when outsourcing it to a third party provider.

  • Get the Right Script writer: Everyone today is a content creator with Twitter and Facebook being a media to showcase it. Proper screening needs to be done from among the various writers out there before you select the appropriate one. Find the best suitable writer who understand the business, induces customers to gain their attention, provides the momentum you need, well-versed with the grammar and content structure so that proofreading much of a task. As they say, if you hire someone to sell your product, they have the right and responsibility to speak on your behalf. Choose wisely.
  • Give Precise Instructions: There’s no content writer who can create relevant matter without proper direction. Same goes with the third party providers that you hire. Even if they created some content, they would be as good as professional psychic. The best ways to create an amazing content is to provide them with precise instructions. For starters, below are a few instructions that will be helpful for the quality that you get in return.

    1. Tone – How do you showcase your content – informal or conversational content, facts driven?
    2. Prospect Clients – Who are your customers? Industry domains, geography, service offerings
    3. Excerpt – Provide existing and new content with statistical analysis along with your research and resources
    4. Existing Samples – Provide existing examples of high quality content published which provides the writer with a better idea and future direction
  • Provide Overview and Resources: Content creators can create information which works well for readers even if they don’t have the experience in that niche. But it is better to invest in the third party provider to get an overview of your organization, culture and mission, business models, services and offerings. Also provide adequate blogs and other industry related materials which might be helpful for their self education and research. This will keep the provider on the same track as the company and in the process build a relationship with an outsourced content creator which is fruitful in the long run.
  • Employ an Editor: Do you know what J.K. Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Dan Brown have in common? These are all amazingly talented writers who do not edit their own work. Every writer out there needs an editor for whatsoever reasons like proofreading, quality content check, structuring and so on. With internet on the rise, the traditional rules of marketing have gone for a toss. But a designated editor is always the best practice that’s not going anywhere. If your organization deals with sophisticated technical field, then it is better if you hire a subject matter expert.  These experts may cost your pockets but they will bring along their professional experience.
  • Scope for Newsjacking: Many companies have a tendency to publish their newsletters or content calendars a month in advance which is not the way to go. For your brand visibility in the market, your content should consist of the latest trends and information and it should real-time for any ad-hoc news. This is where the term Newsjacking comes into picture. “Inject your ideas or angles into breaking news”. All you need to do is to include the news into your content, and make the idea visible in the market.

Successful content outsourcing is achievable through your effective communication of your vision, brand and how you make it visible to the audience. Outsourcing your content marketing can also be done with the help of a freelancer who will get you noticed in the market. Content outsourcing should appear like it was ghostwritten but rather act as another dimension to your company’s online voice.