Retail Mobility

In today’s fact paced world, the use of mobile technology has grown tremendously which plays a crucial role in an organization’s business strategy and also in an individual’s life. This use of technology has been very well incorporated in the retail industry. Consumers these days always demand everything on the go – like texting, surfing videos, sharing photographs, online buying and so on. Smart phone have made people smart in the way they foresee the technology. Many retailers have started integrating their e-commerce business into the mobile environment thus increasing their hits on their website. On the other hand when you enter a retail store, there also they provide you with smart phone which makes your in-store experience easier. It has a retail application which details out every item in their inventory and enables you to scan and select products; offer discount coupons and make online payments without much effort.

This technology is at the amateur stage right now but looks very promising in terms of retail mobility. Many retailers are embracing this type of technology to increase their brand value as well as to enhance their retail business.

Some of the important points to consider while implementing this technology are –

  • Dispatching Services Solution

Retail business faces the challenges of dispatching their goods in an effective and timely manner. It requires a lot of field force, delivering the goods on time and eventually satisfying the customer. This entire process can be streamlined by use of innovative technology and streamlining the dispatch process and thus reducing costs at the end. All these gaps can enable a retailer stay in the game and compete in the market. Some important aspects to these are –

    • Increase in customer service quality
    • Reduce operational costs while the keeping the profit margin high
    • Integrate with existing systems for real time status insight
    • Improved communication process for better decision making in supply chain
    • Real Time Task and Route Execution

  • DSD Solution: Direct Store Delivery

Retailers face this issue on a regular basis due to the lack of mobile apps which results in delay of order fulfillment and its adverse effect on sales orders. This is mainly because of remote device management, incorrect data entry of records and not upto the mark application performance. This can be solved by switching on to more technology related mobile applications which are specifically built for this purpose which tracks each invoice and also helps increase productivity when dealing with a large group of users.

  • Capture orders on the go

Many consumers like to order their goods on the go and in frequent time intervals. Keeping a manual track of these delivery statuses results in human error and also hampers the business. It requires a huge amount of training for the ground sales team to manage all these process and at the same time watch on dollar spent. For such cases uses the order system application which helps you keeps track of all your orders thus elimination human error and high costs. This saves considerable amounts of time and also improves your sales delivery.

  • Implementing mobility

Many retailers are well aware of such technology possibilities which offer more to the business. It might incur significant challenges to deploy this technology across your organization. The reasons may be due to lack of connect with technology, lack of experience in mobility domain, increase in installation costs, consumer satisfaction and so on. Therefore it is very essential to access your priorities first before outsourcing it to any mobile retail application. But before thinking of buying any third party application, it is mandatory to have significant knowledge and experience in the mobility domain both in terms of devices and technologies at your end. First step is list out the key areas which need to mobile enabled and advantages through it. Second step is to make a list of applications that need to be implemented on the mobile channel. Third step is to strategies your plan of action and identify the loop holes of your systems and then act accordingly.